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Support for The Internet Solution

It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of support possible. To better serve you, we have created this knowledge base that addresses almost every support issue that could possibly arise. Please take a look through the outline on the left, and see if you can find the answer to your question. If you get stuck, feel free to submit the easy to use support form on the right, or to contact us by telephone at 800-959-6597.

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The Internet Solution:

Commercial Internet Solutions, Inc.
9051 Watson Rd #318
St Louis, MO  63126

Telephone: 314-962-9997


Site Design

The design features allow you to customize the overall graphical 'look and feel' to your site. Browse our selection of professionally designed themes and choose the one which best compliments the look you want to create. And remember you can change your theme at any time. Each theme includes a page layout and a color coordinated set of background images and menu button styles.

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What is a site theme?
A theme is the background, buttons, colors, and layout of your site.

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Changing your layout/theme
To change your site's theme, login to your sites editor, and select design from your site editor's menu. Now click Page Layout/Theme. You can choose any of the themes you see on this page.

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Changing your site title
To change your site's title click Site Title from the theme page. This screen allows you to change the different text characteristics and colors of your site title.

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Changing the text styles of the site title
To change your text styles of your site title, click on design and then click on Site Title. This screen shows you how to change to different text styles and you can also change the colors in your site title.

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Changing your menu buttons
To change your site's menu buttons click Menu Buttons from the theme page. Here you will find many different types of buttons, and you will be able to change the different text style. You can also change the submenu buttons here.

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Changing your site colors
To change the colors of your theme, go to the site editor, select design, then select Site Colors. This page will allow you to choose specific colors for different aspects of your site, such as the background and menu colors. You can select from the colors available to your theme and change them using the color picker.

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Changing your default site font
To change your site's font click Default Site Font from the theme page. Here you will select from a drop down menu which font you would like your site to default to.

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