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Support for The Internet Solution

It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of support possible. To better serve you, we have created this knowledge base that addresses almost every support issue that could possibly arise. Please take a look through the outline on the left, and see if you can find the answer to your question. If you get stuck, feel free to submit the easy to use support form on the right, or to contact us by telephone at 800-959-6597.

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Email accounts

Email Accounts Overview
Use the email accounts page to configure the email accounts for your site. The easiest way to use the email accounts is to simply set up your email addresses (ex: to forward to your existing email account (ex: However, if you want to use a POP email program, such as Microsoft Outlook Express, then you can easily configure the program to work with your new email addresses.

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Setting up an email account

  1. Go to the email accounts configuration page
  2. Click the add mail account link
  3. Enter the email address and password for the account
  4. Click "OK"

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Option 1: Email Forwarding:
If you setup an email forwarding account then you will send and receive email at the account that you specified as the forwarding address. This is an easy way to setup multiple accounts that all forward to one common email address. For example, if your domain name was, then you could have,,, etc., all pointing to an existing email account such as,,, etc.

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Option 2: Configuring your email program:
If you want to use your new email accounts, instead of simply forwarding messages to an existing account, you must configure an email program to send and receive email using the new email addresses that you have setup. To read your email you will need an email program capable of reading a POP email account. Most email programs such as Microsoft Outlook Express support POP email accounts. Outlook Express is included with the Internet Explorer web browser. You must add your email account into the program to be able to send and receive email.

  1. Open your email program
  2. Click the option to add an email account (in Outlook Express click: Tools >> Accounts >> Add >> Mail)
  3. Setup the following information
Server Type: POP
Account Name: ***
Password: your password
SMTP Server:
POP Server:

Make sure your account name is correct ***
When entering your account name, make sure that you enter the FULL account name as listed on the email setup pages. Your account name MUST include the name and domain name. Ex. Enter - "". If you only enter "accountname" you will get an error when you try to send and receive email.

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