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Support for The Internet Solution

It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of support possible. To better serve you, we have created this knowledge base that addresses almost every support issue that could possibly arise. Please take a look through the outline on the left, and see if you can find the answer to your question. If you get stuck, feel free to submit the easy to use support form on the right, or to contact us by telephone at 800-959-6597.

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Page Editor

Page Editor Overview
The page editor gives you the flexibility to layout text, images and other web site components. Create your own unique page layouts by adding components and arranging them on your pages. Think of each components as a building block to your page. Stack and arrange component building blocks to design your pages.


[click thumbnail to view screenshot]

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Each page is divided into numbered sections. When you are in the page editor you will see a section diagram of the page in the upper right hand corner.

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Page Components
Components are placed into each of the page sections. A components is an individual piece of your web page that can be added, moved, or deleted. You can use the edit arrows to reorder components on your page.

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Add text, images, links, interactive components
Click the Add+ button in the section column you wish to add a component to. A complete list of components appears. Select a component category, then select a specific component. That component is added at the bottom of the section column. Use the toolbar to move, center, edit or delete the component.

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Edit Component
Click on Edit on the "Edit" toolbar. If the component is a graphic, the Image Library will open. If the component is a text box, a text editor will appear. Each component has its own editor that allows you to modify its appearance on your web page.

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Delete a Component
To remove a component from your page, click the X in the edit tool bar, located directly above the component that you want to remove.

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Move Component
Click on the Up and Down arrow on the "Edit" toolbar. The component will move up or down in that column or into the section which is in the direction of the arrow you choose. Or click the Left and Right arrows to move between columns that are side by side.

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Align Components
Click on the Left/Right/Center component on the "Edit" toolbar. The component will cycle through Left, Right and Center justifications relative to the column in which it was placed.

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